data and algorithms for the service economy

We are a group of data and machine learning experts who aim to improve enterprise core processes with modern methods and technology.

We help you to build your services!

Build your service-based digital products effectively. Start with our proven data and ML foundation. And concentrate on what makes your business unique.

Decrease your time to market! Stay flexible!

We have a proven track record of successful data projects.

We're keen on showing you how your business can benefit from data and machine learning.

Customers and Partners

Our Team

We are passionate and experienced about industrial data problems. Day by day we strive to bring value to our customers.

Joachim Rosskopf

Managing Execution and Business Development. Co-Founder.

Dr. Simon Müller

Product Lead. Co-Founder.

Manfred Kiener

Product Lead and Lead Engineer of SparrowBI

Nicolás Japas

Frontend Engineer UI/UX Designer

Dr. Anton Levchenko

Backend Engineer

Baran Nama

Data Scientist

Just drop us a message, and one of our experts will contact you to discuss your next steps to better insight, reduced cost and increased revenue.

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